SEO:23 Powerful Marketing and Branding Tips Geared to Drive In More Traffic and Revenue

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1. Marketing 101: Develop a powerful and compelling core message.

Say something, say it well, say it often. Why should customers buy from you? Why should they even take a second glance? You need to build a powerful message that gets key points across without clutter because clutter is what leads to abandonment. Although this is the essence of a successful branding and marketing campaign, you`d be surprised how many companies fail to grasp this concept.

2. Make sure your core message is €œbenefit oriented. People don`t buy services or products, they buy the benefits of those services or products. In all your communications, make sure your message translates into specific benefits. Continue reading SEO:23 Powerful Marketing and Branding Tips Geared to Drive In More Traffic and Revenue

SEO: 7 Amazingly Simple Ways To Build Traffic To A New Website

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Wondeful 7 tips on how to build traffic to your new website by Mike Tekula 🙂 Read on… Got a brand new website? That’s great, but nobody cares. OK, maybe that’s a little harsh. The truth, however, is that just having a website doesn’t get you much. Many business owners I meet are surprised to find, once we look at the numbers, that the shiny new site they had built not too long ago gets little to no traffic on a daily basis.

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SEO: Google Reveals More Linking Secrets To Webmasters

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One of the most problematic and confusing issues most webmasters have with Google concerns linking. How your links are ranked? How you should link out? How you should construct your internal links? How you should get more inbound links? How many links should you have on a page? And the líst of questions goes on…

Perhaps, the most annoying aspect for the struggling webmaster, has been Google’s secrecy in how it actually ranks links and pages. Google’s whole PageRank and Ranking Algorithm is so complex that no one can fully boast they understand how the whole system works.

Google’s ranking secrecy and complexity has probably been well-planned mainly because there are millíons of webmasters who would like to “game” the Google Algorithm and achieve high keyword rankings through manipulation with so-called “black-hat” SEO techniques and reverse engineering.
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SEO: The Top Ten SEO Mistakes

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It is possible to learn from both good and bad examples. Usually I write about what you “should” do to optimize your website, but now I will highlight some of the things that you should “not” do when you prepare your web pages. This list is not in any order of importance as all the points should be taken seriously if you want your site to do well in the search engine queries for your main keywords.

1. Using a “Splash Page”.

I think you have seen sites where you go to the main page and all you see is a beautiful picture with the two words of text saying “enter here.” The picture is beautiful, no doubt, but this is a disaster when it comes to search engine optimization. Search engine robots are looking for text, but there is no text on a “splash page.” The main page of any website is the most important page, and it has the best chance of being optimized. If you use it to place a pretty picture, you are throwing away this chance. Search engines don’t appreciate splash pages, and many human users too are annoyed by having to click to finally view the content. Avoid splash pages at all costs. Continue reading SEO: The Top Ten SEO Mistakes

SEO: Maximize Traffic With Top 10 SEO Power Tips

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How do you know what type of content is really going to attract the right searchers?

In this article I wanted to cover a few very basic tips that you can keep in mind when building high-performance strategies. Remember that good search engine marketing is not about trying to manipulate or “fool the search engines.” Good SEO skills are more about creating genuine relevancy for well-written content that deserves to be found because it is truly the most relevant and useful to your audience of readers. Continue reading SEO: Maximize Traffic With Top 10 SEO Power Tips