Thanksgiving Night

Yesterday my church had a thanksgiving nite, its time to be thank God for the things he blessed us with and also time to remember and be grateful the Lord. I was very encourage to hear the many good news that was shared from many different ministries in the church, starting with Derrick, we hear the good news of the Indian ministry had a miracle growth this’s the first time in a year we saw so many baptism for the indian bro n sis and also restoration, besides that God had bless HOPE worldwide with many generous donation from the public and another miracle this year is HOPE manage to get a grant from the government.. truly amazing 🙂 this is truly God working. We also hear good news from Kuantan mission team having to peservere so long and fiinally there are people open to study the bible there.

I am very inspired by the good news and I also want to see my hometown, Seremban to be fruitful and be able to also study bible with people who are open especially for the men side. we really need to work harder and pray even harder to God.. This weekend will go down to source out for a place for the upcoming Seremban service in December. It’s gonna be a mega service coz around 200 plus christian will making for this service, really pray for things to go well and blow it out end of this year.. my wish is to really see the seremban mission team to grow and that one day we will able to set up a church in seremban and with God miracles my parent will one study the bible and get to build a relationship with God 🙂 Just like what the bible says in Mark 10:27, this maybe sound impossible to me but with God all things is possible!!

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