The Real 300! Story – This is Sparta!


The Real 300! Story - This is Sparta! For those who saw the movie 300! This is the real story.. enjoy 😛

There`s an ambassador on his way to Sparta. A bloody war will begin soon..

This is too crazy!!


This is Sparta!!

This is also Sparta!!

This is still Sparta!!

No matter what, this is sparta!!

You are nuts!!


This is Sparta!!

Even he is a king, he also need guidance from the God

Please guide me!! The God of Sun!!

You crazy ar!! It`s night time and you care calling me out!! Go away la~

Damn That Sun~

The, the king sets off with his strongest army..

On the way, they met an ally..

How are you~

This is all you`ve got?


You!! What you do?

I`m the hero of justice~

How about you?

I`m harry potter~

And you?

I`m the pride of Saiya~

Ha!! A bunch of small characters!!

Brothers!! tell them what we do!!

Andy Lau: I just want to be a good person!!(andy`s song title)

This is Sparta!!

Then, they reached the dark tower€¦.the war will begin soon..

Let them know!!

What is Sparta!!

I just want to say, this is none of my business!!

Surrender!! Spartans!!



Actually I`m your father!!


I want to revenge!

This is Sparta!!

The Spartan army are unstoppable~Finally, they reached to face the dark lord..

I can`t believe it..It`s you..


I lost€¦.

My dynasty has come!!

Hmm!! You are too dumb~

Ahh!! My heart!? You!?

That’s right~This is Sparta!!

Then the Spartan lives happily ever after.

~The end~

Some of you may find this offensive. But this is none of my business too.

Because this is Sparta! Muahahaha !! :P

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