Visit to Data center

This morning, I went to my company datacenter in Cyberjaya yesterday.. it was a tiring experience coz started working from 12midnite.. the office is located in Cyberjaya which is 45min drive from my house, reached there around 12AM and met up wif my CTO and started work after another collegue came. It was quite cold in the server room with high security, there have a thumbprint verification to enter.. first time I saw that a company using such a security feature.. they have tight security measures, cannot even take photos oso.. keke.. but i mange to get some ­čśŤ Once inside we started moving some of the servers from one rack to another rack.. lot of pyhsical work taking out the servers coz it’s quite heavy, some of the server need 2 person to carry, i think weight more than 50kg.. big fat mama servers.. after moving the servers need to rearrange the swithes and finally reconfigure the new servers after moving it into the new racks.. check out some of the servers below.. after everythin was done, I was exhausted and sleepy and only reach home around 6plus and go zzzz..

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