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Free Online Streaming LOST s04e03 - Economist Recap Lost Season 4 Episode 3

Watch the latest episode of ABC’s Lost Season 4, episode 3 – “The Economist” for free here.. Sayid and Kate go in search of Locke to negotiate a peaceful deal when they discover that his hostage may be the key to getting off the island. Enjoy 😀

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This Sayid-centric episode began with Sayid heading off to retrieve Charlotte from Locke. He seems to be touched by the death of Naomi, perhaps reminded of his own lost love, and vows to get her back, if he’s promised a seat of the chopper. A flashback to Sayid playing golf in the Seychelles. A man approaches him, and makes him a bet he can hit it closer to the flag. When Sayid reveals he was one of the Ocenic Six, the man grows very nervous. He has a good reason: Sayid reaches into his golf bag, and instead of taking out a nine iron grabs a gun and shoots the man dead. Is he an assassin? Is he just crazy? Was he having a bad round? Next, he’s in a coffee shop in Berlin, where he meets the blonde bombshell Elsa. He tells her he’s a headhunter, heh heh. Her employer is an economist. Is he planning to take her out? Well, maybe on a date. He takes a call to say he’s “made contact.” The voice is awfully familiar.

Meanwhile, on the island, they find a picture of Penny and Desmond in Naomi’s backpack. Does this mean the rescuers work for the Widmore’s? Well, in the season three finale she warned Charlie it wasn’t her boat. Plus, Miles says he only met her on the boat: “She was hot and I dug her accent.” Miles insists on going with Sayid, and, after some flirting, Jack encourages Kate to go to along to rescue Charlotte, who is not being released by an ego-tripping Locke.

With Miles gone, Daniel can conduct one of his experiments. I love what Jeremy Davies brings to the character of Faraday; yes, Davies is often the kooky eccentric, but I don’t care, the character is fantastic. He sets up some equipment and calls the boat, though Frank warns him “If Minkowski gets on there you hang up right away.” What is that all about? The boat launches something (a missile?) yet it never reaches the island even though the voice on the boat says it should have reached them. Does this add credence to the alternate universe/dimension theory?

At the barracks, Sayid and company find Hurley locked up in one of the closets. He tells them Locke and the others left him there.

Back the helicopter, there’s a great scene between Jack and Frank where Jack wants confirmation that the Red Sox actually won the World Series, as Ben had told him/shown him last season. Meanwhile, the payload finally reaches the island — but, as Faraday discovers, there is a gap of 31 minutes on the clock. “This is not good,” he says.

At the barracks, Sayid finds a hidden room where Ben keeps clothes, money, and lots of passports. Locke and the others show up and capture Sayid, Kate, and Miles. It turns out Hurley was set as bait. There’s a poignant scene between Sawyer and Kate, as Sawyer explains why he doesn’t want to leave. Sayid is thrown in a room with Ben. I couldn’t help but think back to Juliet bringing Jack food when Locke brought Sayid iced tea. Sayid admits to Locke he thinks the rescuers are lying, but wants Charlotte so he can get to the boat and find out what’s really going on. Locke tells Sayid that Ben claims to have a spy on the boat; Sayid isn’t sure if he believes him.

Flashforward to Elsa and Sayid in bed, when Elsa’s pager goes off. Sayid tells her to leave the city, as people will be asking questions when her boss disappears. She grabs a gun and shoots him, and, on the phone with her boss, says to the person on the other end “He’s not going to give up the name now.” This is like that awful Stallone/Banderas movie Assassins: everyone is out to kill everyone else. Sayid manages to get to his gun and kills Elsa. But the question is, who is her boss?

Back on the island, Desmond demands a seat on the chopper. Sayid returns with Charlotte: he traded Miles for her. Frank doesn’t seem to mind. He tells Jack that Kate stayed behind. Desmond, Sayid, Frank, and the body of Naomi are giving seats on the chopper — Charlotte and Faraday want to stay behind. Faraday warns Frank to take the exact same course to the boat and back to the island that they took to get there. The chopper takes off.

Flashfoward. A wounded Sayid is in a veterinary hospital. A man treats his wounds. It’s Ben! Sayid is having some reservations about his missions.

“Do you want to protect your friends or not?” he asks.

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