Website updates.. PayPal got a new look

PayPal got a new look, Internet banking, Money Notice anything different? PayPal launched a new logo! Also, they ended their beta test for the Home Page redesign and over the next several weeks, they’ll be launching an improved website design making PayPal easier to use.

Be sure to come back and check out the site often for updates:

 Internet banking, Money,PayPal Protect yourself take the Fight Phishing Challenge

Concerned about online security? Take the PayPal Fight Phishing Challenge. Learn how to identify common email scams.

Safety tip: Verify your account with a credit card for added security. Remember, when you shop with PayPal, your credit card information is never shared with the seller. Learn more

 Internet banking, Money,PayPal More purchase protection on eBay

Get up to twice the coverage as before on your qualifying international eBay purchases with PayPal Buyer Protection in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Coverage varies by eBay site and depends on which site you make your purchase.

For eligibility and coverage amounts, check the Buy Safely section on eBay when viewing your item. Learn more

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