What?! Transformers Shoes??

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haha.. finally got to watch Transformers last night.. amazing movie!! I love it, it action-packed and really live up to my expectations :p   Have you seen shoes that can transform into robots? check these shoes out.. you be definitely amazed!


Takara released a set of Transformers in Japan based on Optimus Prime (Convoy) and Megatron transforming from Nike shoes! It was a huge hit with Transformer fans, and immediately sold out

Transformers, Shoe, Cool Stuff, Robot, DotA Transformers, Shoe,Cool Stuff, DotA,SEO, Robot


Transformers Sports Label Convoy NIKE Free 7.0 ( Optimus Prime Transforming Shoe ) Review


Transformers Sports Label Nike Shoes


Transformers, Shoe, Robot, Cool Stuff

Transformers,pjlighthouse.com, Cool stuff, robotic, seo

and this fellow looks like Megatron 😛

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