Youtube: How It’s Made Eggs & Fun Facts

Discovery-Science-Channel-How-Its-Made-Eggs-youtube-01 Check out how Eggs are made 😀

Some Fun Egg Facts

The surface of each eggshell can contain as many as 17,000 tiny pores.

Eggs have the highest nutritional quality protein of all food sources.

The perfect poached egg is cooked for 3-4mins.

Worldwide, around 1.2 trillion eggs are produced for eating every year. The average person on Earth consumes 173 eggs a year.

Eggs contain 11 different vitamins and minerals.

The brown or white colour of an eggshell is purely dependent on the breed of the hen.

Eggs are a source of omega-3 fats (the healthy fats), which can have significant benefits for the heart and blood vessels.

Forty per cent of the world’s eggs are consumed in China.

Research supports the inclusion of around 6 eggs a week as part of a healthy diet.

The Guinness World Record for omelette making is held by Howard Helmer, who made 427 omelettes in 30 minutes.

Eggs are kept at their freshest when stored in their cartons, in the fridge.

The average hen lays between 250 and 270 eggs a year but some lay more than 300.

It is suggested that eating eggs may help treat acne, as they lower the glycaemic load of the diet.

According to research published in 2008, male dinosaurs were sometimes responsible for sitting on eggs until they hatched.

The world record for eating hard-boiled eggs is 65 in 6min 40sec, by Sonya Thomas in 2003. She would have eaten more but they ran out of eggs.

The average American eats 250 eggs per year, which translates to a total annual consumption of 76.5 billion eggs in the U.S







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